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Property Finance

We have extensive experience in assisting our clients with real estate development projects and property investments - we understand that every real estate project is unique.


Boston Money can assist with a wide range of property finance requirements from straightforward commercial loans to higher leverage and structured commercial facilities for circumstances such as:


  • Development finance facilities for residential, commercial, industrial, retail or purpose built real estate for Developers

  • Purchasing or refinancing of residential, commercial, industrial, retail or purpose built assets for owner-occupiers or investors

  • Specialised real estate assets such as pubs, clubs, hotels, motels, petrol stations, retirement villages, healthcare facilities and child care facilities

  • Non-Recourse facilities where directors' guarantees are not available

  • Development or investment LVR exceeds the current lending parameters and a structured solution to the capital stack is necessary


The benefits of Boston Money being able to offer traditional property finance in addition to private debt and equity funding include:


  • Competitive interest rates for development and investment finance

  • Market leading LVRs, terms and conditions

  • Flexible servicing criteria

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Integration of non-bank financial solutions – creating a complete capital stack solution

  • Access to experienced non-bank private lenders and equity partners with an intimate knowledge of project financing

Development Finance


Boston Money offers access to the following products and services:


  • Senior and Stretched Senior Facilities

  • Mezzanine Finance

  • Preferred Equity

  • Joint Venture Funding for large scale development projects

  • Land Subdivisions

  • Land Bank

  • Take out / residual stock finance

  • Distressed / Workout Solutions

  • Incomplete or partially complete projects

  • Zero Pre-Sale Funding Options

  • Development Management and project management


Investment Finance


Boston Money offers access to the following products and services:


  • Joint Venture finance for large scale residential, commercial, industrial, retail and specialised assets

  • Specialised finance for specialised assets such as hotels, motels, pubs, retirement villages, healthcare facilities, service stations. caravan parks and child care facilities

  • Commercial loans for all commercial, industrial and retail real estate

  • Mezzanine debt / 2nd Mortgages secured by a second ranking mortgage

  • Short term loans / bridging facilities for borrowers where speed to settle is crucial

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